How to say I am a student in Hebrew?

How do you say student in Hebrew?

תלמיד – student, pupil – Hebrew conjugation tables.

What does the Hebrew word Talmid mean?

Talmid Chacham (Hebrew: תלמיד חכם‎, “student of a sage“, or Hebrew: תלמיד חכמים‎, lit. “student of sages”; pl. Talmidei Chachamim; in Mishnaic Hebrew Talmidh Ḥakham and Talmidhe Ḥakhamim) is an honorific title given to one well versed in Jewish law, in effect, a Torah scholar.

How do you say male student in Hebrew?

Talmid, for example, means a male student, while talmida is the female form. For nonbinary Jews, including some transgender people, speaking Hebrew — or praying or participating in services — can be fraught. It can mean being forced to identify with one of the genders they have eschewed.

What is the word for and in Hebrew?

Sentences in Biblical Hebrew often begin with the conjunction ו (as either a consonant or a shureq vowel). This conjunction וְ (“and”) cannot stand alone as an independent word but must be connected to another word as a prefix.

How do you say you plural in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, there is a difference in the plural and singular ending for famine and muscular.

Hebrew Pronouns.

English Pronunciation (whatever notation is more intuitive for you) Hebrew
You – Masculine, plural [ atem ] אַתֶּם
You – Feminine, plural [ aten ] אַתֶּן
He [ hu ] – pronounced like who הוּא
She [ hi ] – pronounced like he הִיא
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