How do you say tattoo in Hebrew?

What is the word tattoo in Hebrew?

Hebrew Translation. לְקַעֲקֵעַ More Hebrew words for tattoo. verb לְקַעֲקֵעַ gobble, cackle, squawk.

Is it offensive to get a tattoo in Hebrew?

You can learn Hebrew online – here’s how.) The Bible forbids tattoos – Leviticus 19:28 – in Hebrew or any other language. Tattoos were used by the Nazis to brand human beings like cattle. Getting a tattoo hurts, can take several hours and there is a chance of the wound becoming infected.

What does tattoo mean in Greek?

κάνω τατουάζ {vb} tattoo.

Is Shalom English?

Many are familiar with the Hebrew word shalom. Shalom means “peace” in English.

What does Shalom mean in Arabic?

The song’s title refers to the words for peace in Arabic and Hebrew – salaam and ‘shalom’ , respectively. …

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