Frequent question: How do you pronounce the Hebrew word shalom?

What is Shalom Aleichem in English?

: peace to you —used as a traditional Jewish greeting — compare assalamu alaikum.

How do you find Shalom?

You may also find your Shalom by attending a grief group where you meet with other members of the community who are affected by similar kinds of losses. Together over several weeks, through tears, talking, sharing strategies and spiritual resources, you begin to see a path through your individual healing journey.

Is shalom English?

Many are familiar with the Hebrew word shalom. Shalom means “peace” in English.

What is a shalom blessing?

In Israel, however, when you greet someone or say goodbye the word is “Shalom.” “Shalom” is much more than a casual social greeting— it is a prayer, a blessing, a deep desire, and a benediction. It is a word that is packed with the full blessing of God.

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