Frequent question: Can you go to Israel if you are Lebanese?

Can I go to Israel if Im Lebanese?

Generally, yes. You can be admitted in with your US passport without need to prearrange a visa. Also, being Lebanese does not automatically make you inadmissible, as there are people who live in Israel who actually are Lebanese nationals.

Can I travel to Israel with a Lebanese passport?

Israel allows free entry to persons with a Lebanese stamp in the passport.

What countries Cannot enter Israel?

What Countries don’t allow Visitors from Israel? If you receive a paper stamp, which we dive into below, you’ll be fine. If you have a work visa or a visa that isn’t a tourism visa, there are countries that will ban you. These include Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

Can you go to Dubai if you have been to Israel?

There is no official restriction on entry to the UAE for anyone because they are Jewish, as far as we know. … Dubai is generally perceived as being the most tolerant, and if you do have a evidence of a visit to Israel in your passport, try and enter the UAE in Dubai rather than other emirates.

Can I go to Israel if I have been to Egypt?

Those traveling from Egypt to Israel may not require a visa, as a number of nationalities are able to enter Israel for up to 90 days visa-free for purposes of tourism. Other foreign citizens are required to apply for a visa from an Israeli consulate in advance.

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Does Lebanon stamp your passport?

Lebanon is one of the strictest countries, denying entrance to anyone with an Israeli stamp in their passport. Other countries you should avoid entering if you have an Israeli stamp are Syria, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

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