What is the distance from Rome to Jerusalem?

Distance To Rome From Jerusalem is: 1434 miles / 2307.8 km / 1246.11 nautical miles.

What is the distance from Bethlehem to Jerusalem in miles?

Distance between Jerusalem and Bethlehem is 6713 KM / 4171.7 miles.

Where is Jerusalem in relation to Rome?

Jerusalem is located in Israel at the longitude of 35.21 and latitude of 31.77. Rome is located in Italy at the longitude of 12.5 and latitude of 41.9 . Driving Distance : 4089 KM and 225 meters / 2540.9 miles. Straight Line Distance : 2304 KM and 800 meters / 1432.1 miles.

How far is Jerusalem from Rome by plane?

Not looking for Rome, Italy? Distance from Jerusalem to Rome is approximately 2320 kilometers.

Is Italy near Jerusalem?

The distance between Italy and Jerusalem is 2323 km.

How far apart are Jerusalem and Nazareth?

Distance between Jerusalem and Nazareth

The miles based distance from Jerusalem to Nazareth is 64.6 miles.

How long was the trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem?

Answer: Nazareth

Many stories exist as to why Joseph, and a heavily pregnant Mary riding on a donkey, took their five-day journey (possibly longer) from Nazareth to Bethlehem, often referred to as the Nativity Trail.

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How far is Rome from the Holy Land?

How far is Rome from the Holy Land? 1434 miles / 2307.8 km / 1246.11 nautical miles.

Is Rome and Israel near?

Distance from Israel to Rome is 2,325 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Israel and Rome is 2,325 km= 1,445 miles. … If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Israel to Rome, It takes 2.58 hours to arrive.

How many hours is Italy from Israel?

Flying time from Israel to Italy

The total flight duration from Israel to Italy is 3 hours, 22 minutes.

Is Egypt close to Jerusalem?

The distance between Jerusalem and Egypt is 843 km.

How do you get from Italy to Israel?

The quickest way to get from Italy to Israel is to fly which costs €45 – €250 and takes 6h 45m. How far is it from Italy to Israel? The distance between Italy and Israel is 2313 km.

Is Jerusalem a part of Israel?


Jerusalem ירושלים (Hebrew) القُدس (Arabic)
Administered by Israel
Claimed by Israel and Palestine
Israeli district Jerusalem
Palestinian governorate Quds
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