What is a construct chain in Hebrew?

What is construct form in Hebrew?

The construct state in Hebrew allows you to take two nouns and use them to create a new noun. In Hebrew, this state is called סמיכות (smichut). … The gender of a construct state noun is determined by the nismach. For example, בית ספר (“school”) is masculine because בית is masculine.

What relationship does the Hebrew construct chain Express?

Chapter 10a – Construct Chain

Hebrew expresses the “of” (possessive) relationship between two nouns by what is called the construct chain. This grammatical relationship is created by placing two or more nouns side by side.

What is construct form?

: a noun inflectional form typically designating what is possessed and accompanied by another noun designating the possessor (as Hebrew ben “son” in ben Yishay “son of Jesse”) : the relation expressed by such a form. — called also construct form. — compare absolute state, emphatic state.

What is the absolute state in Hebrew?

The absolute state is the standard form of a word (noun, adjective, participle, or infinitive) in contrast to a modified form called the construct state. A word in the absolute state can take a prefix but not a suffix.

What is a plural absolute?

Answer. The plural form of absolute is absolutes.

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What is a plural construct?

construct. Plural. constructs. The plural form of construct; more than one (kind of) construct.

Does English have a genitive case?

Modern English is an example of a language that has a possessive case rather than a conventional genitive case. That is, Modern English indicates a genitive construction with either the possessive clitic suffix “-‘s”, or a prepositional genitive construction such as “x of y”.

What is the masculine plural ending for nouns in the construct state?

For most nouns, the masculine singular form is identical to the absolute state. The masculine plural construct ending drops the final ם and changes the final hireq to a segol (i-sound to e-sound). Usually, the feminine singular construct ending changes from a final ה to a final ת.

What is a sentence for construct?

To create (an argument or a sentence, for example) by systematically arranging ideas or terms. … Similarly, to build (a sentence, an argument, etc.) by arranging words or ideas. A sentence may be constructed with a subject, verb and object.

What is a construct in grammar?

In linguistics, a grammatical construction is any syntactic string of words ranging from sentences over phrasal structures to certain complex lexemes, such as phrasal verbs. Grammatical constructions form the primary unit of study in construction grammar theories.

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