What cities are on the same latitude as Jerusalem?

What line of latitude is Jerusalem?

Jerusalem, Israel Lat Long Coordinates Info

Country Israel
Longitude 35.217018
DMS Lat 31° 46′ 19.0524” N
DMS Long 35° 13′ 1.2648” E
UTM Easting 709,949.35

What Meridian is Jerusalem on?

List of prime meridians on Earth

Locality Modern longitude Meridian name
Saint Petersburg 30° 19′ 42.09″ E Pulkovo meridian
Great Pyramid of Giza 31° 08′ 03.69″ E
Jerusalem 35° 13′ 47.1″ E
Mecca 39° 49′ 34″ E

What city has the coordinates 51 N 0?

London is located on the latitude 51 degree North and the longitude 0 degree West. It is located on the Temperate Zone between the Tropic of Cancer and Arctic Circle on the Northern Hemisphere……..

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