How do you spell raizel in Yiddish?

How do you spell raizel in Hebrew?

Raizel as a girl’s name is a variant of Raisa (Hebrew, Yiddish), and the meaning of Raizel is “rose”.

Is raizel a boy name?

The name Raizel is a girl’s name of Yiddish origin meaning “rose”. The most popular flower name in Israel, though that popularity does not extend to the US.

What is Rose in other languages?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s how to say “rose” in 45 different languages. Amharic: “Rozi” Arabic: “Airtafae” Bangla: “Rōja” Belarusian: “Pужа”

What is the Hebrew meaning of the name Rose?

Shoshana Shoshana is the Hebrew word for “rose.” STARTS WITH Ra-ASSOCIATED WITH rose (flower) Variations. … The meaning of the name “Rose” is: “Of the Rose Blossom; Rose flower”.

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