How do you say sweet Passover in Yiddish?

How do you say Passover in Hebrew?

Use “Pesach” for “Passover.” This is the traditional Hebrew name for the holiday. “Pesach” is pronounced “PAY-sock.” It’s pronounced almost exactly like these two English words. Again, end the word with a hard, raspy “kh” sound, not a “ch” sound.

What does a Zissen Pesach mean?

Forward reader Benzion Ginn is seeking information about the origins of the Yiddish expression a zisn Pesach, “[Have] a sweet Pesach,” as a Passover or pre-Passover greeting. … It is true that ads for Passover products that also wish their readers “a sweet Passover” are common in today’s Anglo-Jewish press.

What do you write on a Passover card?

at Passover and throughout the year! May you always be blessed with peace, prosperity and togetherness! Wishing you a Happy Passover!”

Is it OK to say Happy Passover?

Passover tells the story of the hardship the Jewish people faced in Egypt and while not every part of the seder is happy, it’s perfectly acceptable to send a loved one a message wishing them a “Happy Passover.” … A person could also wish someone a “Happy Pesach,” as “Pesach” is Hebrew for “Passover.”

Why is it called a Haggadah?

The Golden Haggadah takes its name from the 56 miniature paintings at the beginning of the book that depict scenes mainly from the Book of Exodus, set against gold-tooled backgrounds.

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Is Passover a celebration?

The Jewish festival of Passover is a very special holiday that celebrates the Jewish peoples’ freedom from the pharaoh of Egypt over 3,000 years ago.

What does Shana Tova means?

In Hebrew, the word Shana means ‘year’ and Tova means ‘good‘ while um’tukah means ‘sweet’. So the greeting ‘Shana Tova!

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