Best answer: What is the Hebrew term for the word teacher?

In Hebrew, מרן would be מוֹרֵנוּ , which is itself composed of the suffix נוּ- meaning our, and the masculine form of the word for teacher, מוֹרֶה .

What is the Hebrew term for teacher?

מורה (morah) teacher (noun)

What is the root word of teacher?

The noun teacher derives from the verb ‘teach’, which comes from Old English, has been used in English since the 9th century, and is related to similar words in other Germanic languages.

How do you say school in Hebrew?

School: School in Hebrew is בית ספר (pronounced: beyit seh-fehr), and it literally means “the house of the books”.

What are teachers called?

class teacher

noun. a teacher who teaches or is responsible for a particular group of students in a school.

What language is Moreh?

Moreh is a town located in Indo-Myanmar in the Tengnoupal district of Indian State Manipur. The town is mainly inhabited by Kuki communities of Manipur and sizeable population of Meitei, Nepali, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Muslim Pangal, Bihari, Marwari.

Moreh, India.

Moreh Moreh

What does Oracle mean in English?

1a : a person (such as a priestess of ancient Greece) through whom a deity is believed to speak the prophecies of the Delphic oracle— D. F. Marks. b : a shrine in which a deity reveals hidden knowledge or the divine purpose through such a person. c : an answer or decision given by an oracle ambiguous oracles.

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What does Canaan mean?

Canaan. / (ˈkeɪnən) / noun. an ancient region between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean, corresponding roughly to Israel: the Promised Land of the Israelites.

What does mora stand for?


Acronym Definition
MORA Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency
MORA Minimum Off Route Altitude (aeronautics)
MORA Media Ownership Reform Act of 2005 (US)
MORA Michigan Offroad Racing Association

What does mora mean in Greek?

A mora is a sound which comes after a short pause in a syllable. The term comes from the Latin word for “linger, delay”, which was also used to translate the Greek word chronos (time) in its metrical sense.

What does Morra mean in Spanish?

In Mexican and Central American Spanish, (la) morrita literally means “little girl or chick,” a diminutive form of the colloquial morra. Its plural is (las) morritas. Morro and morrito are its male counterpart, “boy” or “little boy,” with the effect of “boyfriend.”

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