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Carolina Jews for Justice is a Jewish grassroots network committed to creating a just, fair and compassionate North Carolina.  Founded in March 2013, CJJ combines advocacy and education to organize a non-partisan Jewish voice in North Carolina. We work to influence policy at the local and state levels and encourage individuals and Jewish institutions to take a stand on important issues in our community.

WNC Carolina Jews for Justice is the western branch of the organization, encompassing all of Western North Carolina and reaching across Jewish denominations and interest groups to include everyone who wishes to heed the Torah’s command, תרדףצדקצדק(tzedek tzedek tirdof, or “justice, justice will you pursue.”).  We are engaged in various initiatives that affect social justice in Western North Carolina, including issues such as the environment, voting rights, tolerance and respect for diversity, and public education, among others.

Please find out more about us through the CJJ website, http://carolinajewsforjustice.org, which has a tab at the top right of the page entitled Western Updates Only for items of interest to WNC CJJ; and please visit and “like” the CJJ Facebook page, www.facebook.com/CarolinaJewsForJustice. You may also contact WNC CJJ via e-mail addressed to carolinajews@gmail.com.