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Jewish food festivals unite history and culture in unusual locales"Asheville, N.C., and Little Rock, Ark. Not exactly the Jewish capitals of America, but they are both home to major Jewish food festivals.Jewish News ServiceJune 13, 2014
http://onejewishasheville.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Rabbi-Justin-Goldstein-brings-his-passions-to-Asheville.pdf"The essence of Rabbi Justin Goldstein is revealed in the succinct words attached to his Twitter account: “rabbi, dad, husband, uke enthusiast, #phish fan, #RealFood advocate, skeptic, questioner, professional believer, natural doubter.”Asheville-Citizen TimesApril 26, 2014
http://onejewishasheville.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Passover-begins-at-sunset-with-First-Seder.pdf"When Passover begins at sunset Monday, Jews in Western North Carolina and across the world will celebrate with rituals that began more than 3,000 years ago, telling the story of the flight of the Israelites from slavery to freedom with food and words."Asheville Citizen-TimesApril 14, 2014
‘Women & Holocaust’ exhibit at UNC-A'Women & Holocaust' exhibit at UNC-A
Asheville Citizen-TimesMarch 10, 2014
Dave family leaves a legacy at AshevilleDave family leaves a legacy at Asheville Asheville Citizen-TimesMarch 10, 2014
Civil rights pioneer Hallstrom shares harrowing stories"As she walked along a dusty, red-clay road in the backcountry of southern Mississippi in the summer of 1964, Carol Rogoff Hallstrom, barely out of college, was escorted by a local man who held the barrel of a gun to her temple every step of the way."Asheville Citizen-TimesFebruary 22, 2014
Jewish Comfort Food“If you didn’t know it was tongue, you’d think it was delicious,” Asheville resident Chuck Fink says of his favorite Jewish winter comfort food.Mountain XpressFebruary 4, 2014
Asheville couple write ‘Messages to the Heart’When Elise Okrend creates pastel paintings, she experiences “a freeing of my mind,” she said, and feels connected to her true self. Okrend hopes that her pastel landscapes, paired with mindful passages from her husband, Phil, will help other people "get into that space.”Asheville Citizen-TimesFeb . 2, 2014
Asheville JCC executive director Lael GrayLael Gray is a well adjusted woman who had a good childhood, has a great relationship with her family, loves her job as executive director of Asheville’s Jewish Community Center and is an active player in issues important to her, particularly regarding children.Asheville Citizen-TimesJan. 18, 2014
Asheville’s Katz showcases her chops as Golda MeirIt’s a tenuous thread connecting Dr. Seuss to the Iron Lady of Israel, but Asheville actress, director and writer RoseLynn Katz has happily found a way to weave it into the tapestry of her life.Asheville Citizen-TimesJanuary 11, 2014
When Torahs Tumble to the Floor – What’s a Shul to Do?A collective shudder ran through rows of worshipers at Congregation Beth Israel in Asheville, N.C., during the recent Kol Nidre service. Congregants watched in horror as two Torahs toppled out of the ark and hit the bimah with a loud clattering of silver ornaments. Another Torah was caught as it fell.The ForwardSept. 23, 2013
Growing Jewish InstitutionsAround the country, a number of synagogues, JCCs, day schools, and other Jewish institutions are doing inspiring work to integrate the physical spaces of gardens and farms into their core work of transmitting Jewish ideas and values.Forward.comJune 27, 2011