In 1943, a team of ingenious Italian doctors invented a deadly, contagious virus called Syndrome K to protect Jews from annihilation. On October 16 of that year, as Nazis closed in to liquidate Rome's Jewish ghetto, many runaways hid in the 450-year-old Fatebenefratelli Hospital. There, anti-Fascist doctors including Adriano Ossicini, [...]
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The Australian-born singer-songwriter Ben Lee has been on a lifelong spiritual quest. He was raised Jewish, studied Taoism and was married in a Hindu ceremony. Now he's released an album called Ben Lee Sings About Islam For The Whole Family. The songs are sunny and uplifting, with lyrics drawing from Islamic [...]
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The Crown, Netflix's epic bio-drama about the British monarchy, failed to win any honors at this year's BAFTA awards, despite high praise for the show's historical accuracy and outstanding cast. But critics have pointed out one glaring omission, and it has to do with the secret Nazi ties of the [...]
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If you're familiar with Ezra Pound, the king of modernist poetry, then you're probably aware of his notorious anti-Semitism. What you might not know is that a Jewish Marxist poet with a cult following named Louis Zukofsky was one of his good friends. Born in 1904 to Orthodox Lithuanian immigrants on [...]
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The Philippines' first synagogue had bad timing. Jews had arrived in the Philippines after the Spanish Inquisition, but after World War I a new influx of Russian Jews arrived, and decided it was high time for a proper synagogue. By 1922, an entrepreneurial immigrant named Emil Bachrach secured so much [...]
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The Viennese Jewish writer Stefan Zweig wrote about what you might expect a friend of Freud, Herzl, and Richard Strauss to write about: psychoanalysis, Judaism, rage, guilt, and sex. Zweig, who was born into an assimilated, wealthy Jewish family in 1881, began writing in his youth, and never stopped. In [...]
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Most Jews know gimmel as the best Hebrew letter on a dreidel — you know, the one that gives the lucky spinner the entire pot of chocolate gelt. But all Hebrew letters have a numerical value as well, and as the third letter in the alphabet, gimmel's is three. That's the only [...]
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If you've spent any time with America's children lately, you know about the “fidget spinner” craze. What might surprise you is that these spinning doodads were created by an American mom after a family visit to Israel. When Catherine Hettinger heard about Palestinian boys throwing rocks as part of the First [...]
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There were about 55,000 Jews living in Yemen in 1948. Today, there are 50. Though the most notorious calamity in Yemenite Jewish history were the riots following the declaration of the state of Israel, nearly 200 years before that, the country's Jewish community suffered something that most of the world [...]
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“Everything has an end–only the sausage has two.” It's not the only German idiom involving sausage (there are many), but so far as we know it is the only one to first become the title of an eighties pop song, then the inspiration for a Yiddish cover and video created [...]
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