“Lowly Bagel Transformed by an Artist,” reads the 1974 New York Times headline. Around these parts, we don't tend to think of bagels as lowly to begin with—but what a young woman named Judy Blau did to bagels was decidedly elevating. For a time in the seventies, the Blau family bathtub [...]
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We know what happens to a misbehaving Jew after life: either it's the World to Come—or it's Gehenna, the other place. But punitive measures for misbehaving Jews on Earth? The Talmud offers three forms of Jewish-flavored excommunication for your liking: nezifah, niddui, and the dreaded herem. Though it's up to a rabbinic [...]
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Robert Adler was a brilliant physicist and inventor who narrowly escaped the Holocaust, came to the U.S. to help discover innovations like the electric beam parametric amplifier and touch-screen technology. But he is best-known as “the father of the clicker.” Yes, the next time you channel surf with your remote control [...]
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In 1977, Natan (Anatole) Sharansky was arrested for treason against the Soviet Union. When Cantor Robbie Solomon heard how courageously the long-time refusenik and human rights activist stood up to his accusers, he was inspired to stay up all night and compose a song. “I tried to put myself in [...]
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As you're peeling potatoes to make latkes, imagine that the decade is the 1950s, and you're safeguarding your spuds from kids trying to stick little plastic face pieces with pushpins into them. If you're guessing this was the precursor to the mustachioed, bulbous figure known as Mr. Potato Head, you'd [...]
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In 1951, Yiddish theater star Molly Picon, together with Jacob Kalich, her husband and fellow entertainer, and Cardinal Francis Joseph Spellman, the Vicar General of the United States Armed Forces, headed to Korea with a USO Christmas troupe. But as soon as Picon and Kalich stepped off the plane, a [...]
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Jewish fantasies everywhere came true last year when a handwritten card from Barbra Streisand to Bob Dylan was uncovered in the Dylan Archive, a trove of 6,000 pieces of his paraphernalia. The archive, which was jointly bought by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma for around [...]
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Amadeo Clemente Modigliani (1884-1920) is best known as the Italian artist who left behind striking oil paintings and sculptures of women with distinctively elongated faces and pinched lips. But a new video by New York's Jewish Museum in honor of a current exhibit might make the artist better known for [...]
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There's so much more to Texas Jewish life than a historic heavyweight champion, a quirky author-turned-politician named Kinky, and painter Mark Rothko's Houston chapel. Look a little harder and you will find a Jewish cowboy puppet and his two good-natured cow friends, jamming to their very own twangy rendition of [...]
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Rodney Dangerfield got no respect. When he was born, the doctor told his mother, “I did all I could, but he pulled through anyway.” Just listen to the guy: When he was a kid, too—no respect. His parents got divorced. They had a custody fight over him. No one showed [...]
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