Jewish Parenting

Here's a classic by Arik Einshtein. I nice peptalk for JewishMOMs. יש אנשים שמטפסים על הרים יש אנשים שצונחים מגבהים יש אנשים שרוכבים על סוסים ויש כאלה שגומאים מרחקים There are people who climb mountains There are people who parachute from high There are people who ride horses There are [...]
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Every Shabbat, my kids are entitled to one big chips (Friday night), one treat (Shabbat morning) and one little chips (Shabbat afternoon). This Sunday morning, 2-year-old Yoni woke me up at 6:30 in the morning with a urgent request, “Eema, may I have a little chips?” “No, Yoni, today isn't [...]
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Even if your heart wasn't into mothering your kids today, you were still an awesome mother. [...]
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Sometimes I am imagine that Hashem is giving ME a Mommy Peptalk. And this is what I imagine He tells me: “I cannot believe that in the year 2017 there is still a woman in this world who so has her priorities straight. A woman who is dedicated to her [...]
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I wrote earlier this week about the book The 5 Love Languages about how different people have different ways of feeling loved, through: 1.Receiving words of affirmation 2. Quality time 3. Receiving gifts 4. Acts of Service 5. Physical Touch After I finished the book, my first project was to [...]
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A few days ago I stepped over two bicycles and two badminton rackets and an empty bamba bag and out my back door, when I noticed a small, crumpled piece of paper lying there in the dirt. And I thought to myself a funny thought: maybe this crumpled piece of [...]
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This month I read The 5 Love Languages by marriage counselor Gary Chapman, and it opened my eyes to a whole new way of expressing love in the relationships in my life. The book claims that there are 5 ways in which men and women feel loved: 1.Through receiving words [...]
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This month every Jew became a new creation, here's how to access the new light of 5778. [...]
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[Shortly after losing November's election, I attended my 2-year-old granddaughter] Charlotte's dance recital. It's enchanting to watch a bunch of squirming, giggling 2-year-olds trying to dance in unison. Some are intensely focused (that would be my granddaughter), some are trying to talk to their parents in the audience, and one [...]
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I just read this beautiful story in the newly-released, super-inspirational Eishes Chayil Candle Lighting Treasury by Rabbi Dov Weller (Artscroll) (he also wrote the Eishes Chayil Hagaddah which I LOVED, and plan to use again at this year's seder): “At one point the Kanievsky home was being repainted and the [...]
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