Jewish Parenting

Recently I posted several poems by poetess Sorah Rosenblatt who passed away earlier this year, and was so happy to see many of you loved these poems too. This past Shabbat we were staying at a Jewish hostel with a large library, and I was so excited to discover Sorah [...]
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Beware of to-do-list idolatry. [...]
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I woke up this morning, for various reasons, even more tired than usual. Which meant that when I noticed Yaakov's Fireman Sam t-shirt had a tomato seed dried onto its left shoulder, instead of walking up 18 steps to get a new shirt, I just scratched off the seed. A [...]
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For a year or so I'd been dreaming about it. About my entire family coming over from America and Canada for Moriah's bat mitzvah. My parents, my brother and his family, and (for the first time ever) my sister and her family, as well as my mother-in-law and cousin. And [...]
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Hold up your right hand with the palm facing you, and squish your fingers close together. Now imagine trying to hold a basketball in that clenched hand. Hard to imagine, right? Now put up your hand again, and stretch out the fingers as wide as you can. You could even [...]
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I discovered this sweet husband-wife singing duo, who call themselves “Yonina,” before Pesach, and since then I have become a big fan! This song below is about the happiness and meaning and passion we can discover in our lives through living a life of mindfulness, savoring each “rega mechuvan”–each moment [...]
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What's the parenting call you would give anything to reverse? [...]
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The following is a quote from the wonderfully inspirational newly-released book House of Diamonds [Feldheim]. Author Fay Klein writes: “Where is the best place in the world for spiritual connection for a woman? “If you entered ‘palpable spirituality” into your GPS, where would it lead you? “One might think that [...]
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Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hirsch wrote: “The fate of human beings, their success or failure, is decided neither in the chambers of rulers not on the battlefield. “It is not decided in business concerns, in colleges and institutes of arts and sciences, or in houses of worship. “It is sealed in [...]
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When I was growing up, one year my father sent in money to the IRS to contribute towards the social security of our family's cleaning lady. A few months later, the IRS returned the money, saying my father didn't have to pay taxes for her. But my father sent the [...]
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