Our Community

All Doors Open to One Jewish Asheville

The Asheville Jewish community consists of more than 2,500 Jewish households and a dozen organizations, together reflecting the rich diversity of Jewish culture, heritage, and religion. Here you’ll find single parents and retired couples, interfaith families and spiritual seekers. Jews by choice and Jews by birth, the religious and the secular. White collar professionals and blue jeaned workers. From across the country and around the globe: Detroit, Israel, South Florida, New York, Germany, Los Angeles and more.

We seek meaningful connections – to our faith, to each other, and the causes we care about. Every connection is a door. And every door leads to this big and boisterous, warm and loving family we call One Jewish Asheville.

Pick a door and come on in!

Regardless of your interests or affiliations, whether you’re young or young at heart, there’s a place for you here (and chances are, more than one). So pick a door and get involved. Once inside there is an entire community waiting to meet you.